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I know. I know, everyone and their dog is a photographer. Well add me to the list. I’ve dabbled in portrait photography for a while and kept it as a hobby, mostly out of comfort. Putting your craft out there to be critiqued is tough, so kudos to all those who embrace themselves wholeheartedly!






I quit my job to stay home with my kids and after a year of not working outside of the home, I’ve discovered I need a little more something, not sure what it is yet; adult interaction? (No, I don’t really like people… wait, that came out wrong!….) Exercising my brain? (Probably, do I even have one of those anymore?) Or maybe I feel like I need to contribute to our family in other ways? (Maybe, since cleaning up toys 24/7 isn’t enough?)… Ultimately I think I needed an outlet. Parenthood is tough, and finding the right groove for your family can take time, photography is always something I’ve enjoyed, so we’re going for it!